Medical Protocol

Now published after six years of hard work For over six years, an international team of scientists, medical professionals and specialists in the field of contaminated cabin air, led by Dr. Susan Michaelis (Head of Research in GCAQE) and Jonathan Burdon of the Melbourne Universiteit, worked on a Medical Protocol that can be used for […]

Aircraft Air Contamination

An ongoing health and safety issue… In 2004(!), this Australian video was published about contaminated cabin air and its devastating consequences for the health of both crew members and passengers. In the meantime, 20 years have passed and we unfortunately have to conclude that in spite of all the effort made (a.o. by GCAQE), very […]

Dr. Gerard Hageman

Neurologist (retired) in Medisch Spectrum Twente Hospital MST Dr. G. (Gerard) Hageman has been connected to Medisch Spectrum Twente Hospital (MST) as a neurologist for 32 years. He did a lot of research and published several study results. Dr. Hagemna was one of the few medical specialists who took the complaints of the victims of […]

Graeme A. Davidson

Consulting aero-engineer in Scotland Graeme A. Davidson is a highly experienced consulting aero-engineer in Scotland. During his long career, he has been working for e.g. Rolls Royce, British Aerospace and numerous airlines. He has a thorough aircraft system knowledge and an ability to explain and substantiate the underlying causes of cabin air contamination. Magazine Journal of […]

Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2023

Over the past years, GCAQE organised several major international conferences about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality. These events would normally take place in London, GCAQE’s residence. Both Airlines and Aviation authorities, as well as Unions of cockpit- and cabin crew are always well represented at these events. But also interested parties by personal title (e.g. those […]

A future with less toxic oils?

Strict requirements for oil… In the past decennia, a lot has been written about the lubricating oil used in jet engines. In our short article Oils for Jet Engines we also highlighted on this topic. Super oil for jet engines Jet engine oil is not an “ordinary” oil, like the oil used in your car’s […]