GCAQE Global Clean Air Campaign

On 15 February 2021, our partner GCAQE announced their Global Clean Air Campaign in a press release. Through this campaign, they call upon legislators and governments to mandate (preferably require) the introduction of effective filtration and quality control of the air on board aircraft. The air quality in aircraft still leaves a lot to desire, […]

Inappropriate Risk Assessment

Em. Prof. C.V. (Vyvyan) Howard is a medically qualified pathologist/toxicologist connected to the University of Ulster. Vyvyan Howard wrote several scientific publications in the field of health and the adverse health effect of contaminated air. He has been engaged with fine and ultrafine particle related health issues (and still does today), also for the unborn […]

Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2021

  Over the past years, GCAQE organised several major international conferences about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality. These events would normally take place in London, GCAQE’s residence. Both Airlines and Aviation authorities, as well as Unions of cockpit- and cabin crew are always well represented at these events. But also interested parties by personal title (e.g. […]

Captain Andrew Myers – Workers’ Compensation Board Outcome:

Captain Andrew Myers – Workers’ Compensation Board Outcome On July 31 2020, the State of Oregon (USA) Workers’ Compensation Board ruled in favour of Captain Andrew Myers. Andrew Myers had been a Jet Blue Captain who was exposed chronically to contaminated air on the Airbus aircraft he flew followed by an acute oil fume event […]

Is it really safe to fly in Corona times?

We still hear every day how important it is to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters on the terrace, in the restaurant and in the store. Don’t forget to wear your (homemade!) Face mask on public transport, that’s the motto, because you might not always be able to keep that distance there. It is […]

Aerotoxic Syndrome and the Coronavirus

Reporting on Coronavirus The spreading of the Coronavirus is increasingly accompanied by disturbing reports. On top of that, some of the reported complications add a whole new dimension to the Aerotoxic Syndrome.  In an article on April 1 2020, the New York Times described a number of serious neurological health issues as a result of the Coronavirus. […]

Coronavirus in Aircraft

Last week our partner Stichting Ikaros published a short article written by Michel F.A. Mulder MD. In his article, he discusses the possible spreading of the Coronavirus on board of aircraft, and expresses his doubts over the aviation industry claiming the air on board to be totally safe in this respect. Coronavirus in airplanes Based […]

Getting sick of Cabin Air

Wednesday February 19 2020, the below article appeared in five regional Dutch newspapers around the city of Amsterdam: De Gooi- en Eemlander Haarlems Dagblad IJmuider Courant Leidsch Dagblad Noordhollands Dagblad The article was written by journalist Frans van den Berg, and it once again brings the problem of contaminated cabin air to the attention of […]

Aircraft Cabin Air Conference 2019 Speakers

Below you will find a short impression of all 32 presentations that were given during this 2 days conference. All presentations were filmed, the presentation by Howard Backet (Unite the Union) is now available and can be watched via the link. As more video material becomes available, you will find a link on this page […]

Info Meeting March 2017

Information Meeting 13 March 2017 On 13 March 2017, Stichting Fly Aware organised an information meeting with various themes in the field of flying and staying fit. During this meeting, two presentations (in Dutch) were given, resp. by Drs. John Midavaine (Stichting Fly Aware) and Ir. Mauk den Boer (Director Raymedy Nederland). Both presentations are still […]