Inappropriate Risk Assessment

Em. Prof. C.V. (Vyvyan) Howard is a medically qualified pathologist/toxicologist connected to the University of Ulster. Vyvyan Howard wrote several scientific publications in the field of health and the adverse health effect of contaminated air. He has been engaged with fine and ultrafine particle related health issues (and still does today), also for the unborn […]

Hydraulic Fluid

Hydraulic fluid in the cabin air? One of the causes of Fume Events or smell incidents is contamination of the cabin air by hydraulic fluid. The fluid contains several toxic substances, a.o. the highly toxic tributyl phosphate (TBP), used mainly as a flame retardant. When it is strongly heated, pyrolysis will produce many other, often toxic […]

Ototoxic Substances and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss by chemicals Certain chemicals can cause damage to hearing and balance. These are the so-called ototoxic substances, of which over 200 are known. These are mainly organic solvents, such as carbon disulfide, benzene, methanol, styrene, toluene, xylene, etc. But also carbon monoxide and heavy metals like arsenic, bromine, lead, manganese en mercury have ototoxic […]


One of the goals of Stichting Fly Aware is to raise awareness, among crew members as well as frequent flyers and ground staff, in fact everyone who is regularly exposed to exhaust gases, oil fumes and other hazardous substances, such as hydraulic fluids in and around aircraft. It is vital for everyone to be aware […]

How to order your Cambridge Mask

Order your mask via Stichting Fly Aware… Because of the relatively high cost of banking and postage form the UK to Europe, Stichting Fly Aware in cooperation with our partner Angel Fleet decided to take a (limited) number of masks in stock, in the special “Sky Mask” version (Pro series, blue with white clouds, see […]

Cambridge Masks

Protection The face masks from British Cambridge Mask Co offer a descent protection against air pollutants such as dust particles, bacteria and viruses, gases such as ozone and formaldehyde, and even fine particle materials. Obviously there’s no filter that can offer a full 100% protection, but with over 99% this mask does get pretty close! […]

Post Mortem Research

By Michel F.A. Mulder MD Post Morem Research A post mortem was performed in The Netherlands in 2013 of a prematurely deceased airline pilot. A standard obduction didn’t reveal a possible cause for the severe complaints this person had been suffering during his flying career.A second obduction was particularly focussed on a possible causal relationship between […]