Prof. Dr. -Ing. Dieter Scholz, MSME

Professor at HAW Hamburg Prof. Dieter Scholz is a professor at the Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) in Hamburg, where he gives lectures, among other subjects, in the field of aircraft systems. Over the last years, Prof. Scholz has also done a lot of research into air quality and the causes of air contamination in […]

Ruling Central Court of Appeal

Subtle recognition of  Aerotoxic Syndrome by Central Court of Appeal   Incapacitated for work One of the many victims of Aerotoxic Syndrome is Evelyn van den Heuvel.Evelyn used to work 100% (= 40 hours per week) as a flight attendant for Dutch airline company KLM. In 2013, Evelyn went on sick leave for numerous physical […]

Is it really safe to fly in Corona times?

We still hear every day how important it is to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters on the terrace, in the restaurant and in the store. Don’t forget to wear your (homemade!) Face mask on public transport, that’s the motto, because you might not always be able to keep that distance there. It is […]

Aerotoxic Syndrome and the Coronavirus

Reporting on Coronavirus The spreading of the Coronavirus is increasingly accompanied by disturbing reports. On top of that, some of the reported complications add a whole new dimension to the Aerotoxic Syndrome.  In an article on April 1 2020, the New York Times described a number of serious neurological health issues as a result of the Coronavirus. […]

Coronavirus in Aircraft

Last week our partner Stichting Ikaros published a short article written by Michel F.A. Mulder MD. In his article, he discusses the possible spreading of the Coronavirus on board of aircraft, and expresses his doubts over the aviation industry claiming the air on board to be totally safe in this respect. Coronavirus in airplanes Based […]

Pregnancy and Flying

Exposure to chemicals Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy can have drastically different results from person to person; some people may have no negative effects, others may have babies with congenital birth defects, and others may miscarry or suffer a stillbirth or neonatal death. In addition to maternal exposure, a father’s exposure to some chemicals may […]

Neurological Disorders

As a result of flying, a great variety of health symptoms can occur. It often starts with: Extreme fatigue Headaches Neurological disorders Other related symptoms are: Loss of memory Loss of concentration Muscle weakness Tremors Blurred vision Nausea Vertigo Dizziness Tinnitus Coughing Sore throat Diarrhoea Irritated eyes Cold hands and cold feet Lack of reactive […]

Carbon Monoxide in the Cabin

Emergence of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Burning Hydrocarbon Compounds (like oil, gasoline or kerosene), will result in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O) as end products, on condition that sufficient Oxygen (O2) is present for a complete combustion. When however a lack of Oxygen occurs, this will result in an incomplete combustion. Under these conditions Carbon […]

Bleed Air

Contamination by Bleed Air The Bleed Air system supplies the air conditioning and pressurisation system of an aircraft with air. This air is bled from the front part of the engines, the compressors. The compressor bearing seals however, will always allow some oil leakage, even in a perfectly healthy engine! This will occur especially during […]

Potable Water

Drinking Water Quality The quality of drinking water on board of airplanes is the subject of many discussions.People seem to worrie mostly about the presence of bacteria (e.g. E-coli), besides the growth of fungi and algaein the storage tanks and pipes on board. Airlines will invariably reassure you that the drinking water on board is […]