Over the past years, GCAQE organised several major international conferences about Aircraft Cabin Air Quality. These events would normally take place in London, GCAQE’s residence. Both Airlines and Aviation authorities, as well as Unions of cockpit- and cabin crew are always well represented at these events. But also interested parties by personal title (e.g. those working in aviation) are always more than welcome. These conferences provide a unique opportunity to receive an update on the subject  of contaminated air, the latest scientific and medical evidence investigating the contaminated air debate and the emerging solutions available to airlines and aircraft operators.

The latest conference took place o15 – 18 March 2021Because of the Corona restrictions, the conference was then organised for the first time as an  Online Event. Participants could follow the presentations offered via a Zoom Conference Call on their own desktop.

After the Aircraft Cabin Air Conference unfortunately could not take place in September 2022, it will now be organized on June 27, 28 and 29, 2023. Once again the concept of an Online Event was chosen. This time, simultaneous translations of the presentations will be offered in not only 5 different languages!

Just like the previous times, an impressive list of interesting speakers is available, this list is still updated regularly. Click here for the latest information.

Registration for this 2-days event is now open. It’s going to be a very interesting event again, so don’t miss it! Go to https://www.aircraftcabinair.com/register now to order your tickets.