Important actions after a Fume Event

After a Fume Event it is of great importance to take the following actions:

1) Follow the international medical protocol

Have blood and urine samples taken as soon as possible (preferably within 2-3 hours, but at least within 48 hours!), and have them frozen for further testing at a later stage. It is important that this is done within 48 hours, as  after that period the measured value will have changed considerably, turning them void.

Print a copy of the Internationaal Medisch Protocol and take it with you to the hospital/lab where the blood and urine samples are taken, and hand it over to the doctor. This will ensure the correct measurements are taken for later use, also regarding possible further legal steps.

2) Report any occurring Fume Event

It is also of great importance to ensure that every Fume Event is reported officially, to ensure it’s proper registration. These days this is a legal requirement for all crew members, but only too often this is still forgotten/omitted. This is the main cause why the seriousness of contaminated cabin air is still severely underestimated. The only way to change this is by ensuring that every  Fume Event is officially reported!

Even if your cockpit crew does not file an official report for whatever reason, as a cabin crew you can (and should) still file a report!