Important actions after a Fume Event

After a Fume Event, it is crucial to take the following actions:

1) Follow the international medical protocol

GCAQE published an extensive Medical Protocol in 2023 intended to be utilized by physicians encountering patients with complaints following a fume event. In addition to this comprehensive document, there is now also a condensed version in the form of a checklist. This Post-Smoke/Fume Event Procedure guides you step by step on what to do after a fume event. Click the link or scan the QR code to access this checklist.

2) Report every Fume Event

It is also essential to ensure that every Fume Event is officially reported so that it is well-documented. Nowadays, this is a legal obligation for every crew member, but it is still often forgotten or neglected. This is the main reason why the severity of contaminated cabin air is still significantly underestimated. The only way to change this is to ensure that all Fume Events are reported!

Even if your cockpit crew, for whatever reason, does not make an official report, you can still do this as cabin crew!