Annie de Vries, too, is an “experienced expert.” Not from her own experience, but as the spouse of a pilot who, after 36 years of flying for KLM and Korean Air, returned from his flight with severe neurological symptoms. It was also his last flight because he could never fly again afterward.

Annie: “Here is where our search for the cause of his symptoms began. After various medical examinations and tips from former colleagues, it became increasingly clear. We had to look in the direction of poisoning due to Long Term Low Level Exposure to Contaminated Cockpit and Cabin Air. In common parlance, the symptoms are summarized as Aerotoxic Syndrome. With the right guidance and therapy, we have started to make progress, although we are not there yet.

Through all the experience gained and deepening in this matter, coupled with the large global network of similarly affected colleagues, I am highly motivated to help others, provide information, and share experiences.”