Annie de Vries, too, is an ‘expert by experience’. Not by personal experience, but as a pilot’s wife. Her husband came home with serious neurologic disorders after 36 years of flying for KLM and Korean Air. It had been his last flight, as he has never been able to fly since.

Annie: “From here our search started to find a cause of these problems . After several medical examinations and a tip from an ex-colleague things became more obvious. We had to look in the line of poisoning by Long Term Low Level Exposure to contaminated cockpit- and cabin air. The so called Aerotoxic Syndrome, a bundling of different health disorders. With the essential treatment and therapies we embarked on the way up, although we’re not there yet.”

“With all this experience and research, plus the many contacts we built up worldwide among also affected colleagues,
I am very motivated to help others, pass information and share experience.”