Model with Sky Mask
The Cambridge “Sky mask” is comfortable and effective
The face masks from British Cambridge Mask Co offer a descent protection against air pollutants such as dust particles, bacteria and viruses, gases such as ozone and formaldehyde, and even fine particle materials. Obviously there’s no filter that can offer a full 100% protection, but with over 99% this mask does get pretty close! Therefore we highly recommend the preventive use of this mask during your flight.


The filter consists of 3 layers, including a “military grade” activated carbon layer. According the specifications from the manufacturer, this will stop over 99% of air pollutants, such as:
  • dust particles
  • bacteria and viruses
  • toxic gases such as ozone and formaldehyde
  • fine particulate matter (down to 0,3 μm).
Nevertheless the mask has a surprisingly low breathing resistance and a high wearing comfort level. It comes in a resealable bag which will easily fit in your hand luggage or seat pocket.

Carbon monoxide

The specifications do not mention anything about protection against carbon monoxide, but when asked by mail, the manufacturer reassured us that the mask offers a decent protection there, too, albeit “to a limited extent” (not further specified).


The mask will normally last for about 340 hours, this will be less in heavier polluted air. We therefore recommend to replace the mask after e.g. a fume event.


The mask can be hand washed (for hygienic reasons), this will not mitigate its filtering capacity. This will however not extend its useful life, as the pollution will be locked into it.

Order your mask

You can order your mask via this link. For any further question we refer to the manufacturer’s FAQ page.