On 15 February 2021, our partner GCAQE announced their Global Clean Air Campaign in a press release. Through this campaign, they call upon legislators and governments to mandate (preferably require) the introduction of effective filtration and quality control of the air on board aircraft.

The air quality in aircraft still leaves a lot to desire, with this campaign GCAQE once again asks the attention for this problem. With the announcement, GCAQE presented two short video films to support the campaign.

The first film briefly explains the operation of the Bleed Air System. This system is applied in al modern aircraft (except B-787)for the air supply on board. It plays an important role in the occurrence of cabin air contamination.

The second film contains an explicit call to obtain improvement of the air quality by the introduction of appropriate measures by the authorities. This film was released in as many as 40 different languages (plus subtitles)! Here you’ll find the English version.