Em. Prof. C.V. (Vyvyan) Howard is a medically qualified pathologist/toxicologist connected to the University of Ulster.

Vyvyan Howard wrote several scientific publications in the field of health and the adverse health effect of contaminated air. He has been engaged with fine and ultrafine particle related health issues (and still does today), also for the unborn child. In 2018, he published (together with a.o. dr. Susan Michaelis) the results of his research on the influence of Ultra Fine Particles: Is a Cumulative Exposure to a Background Aerosol of Nanoparticles Part of the Causal Mechanism of Aerotoxic Syndrome?

The Aerotoxic Syndrome has also drawn his attention for years: in 2017 he was one of the authors (together with a.o. Dr. Susan Michaelis, connected to GCAQE) of a WHO report that received a lot of international attention: “Aerotoxic Syndrome: a new occupational disease?“.

Inappropriate Risk Assessment

In February 2020, another interesting publication by his hand appeared: Inappropriate Use of Risk Assessment in Addressing Health Hazards Posed by Civil Aircraft Cabin Air. In this important article he explains how the aviation industry and colleagues for decades inappropriately addressed the risk associated with breathing contaminated Bleed Air.

in August 2021, prof. Howard together with dr. Susan Michaelis and  former Captain Tristan Loraine (both connected to QCAQE) published the results of their research, during which they took actual measurements of UFP’s on board of aircraft: Ultrafine particle levels measured on board short-haul commercial passenger jet aircraft.