John Midavaine studied medicine. With his focus on improving health, he has come into contact with patients with a substantial number of flight hours who are seeking answers for addressing their neurological complaints.

John says, “Apart from my specialization in sports medicine, I have been involved in orthomolecular medicine for a long time. In recent years, I have encountered many individuals who fly professionally or for business purposes and often exhibit neurological complaints. I have specialized in treatments involving orthomolecular medicine in general, but even more so in the fields of elite sports and aviation, which can be considered a form of elite performance in a sense. I have achieved positive results, including for patients who frequently travel by airplane. However, I still want to learn more about the causes and consequences, particularly so that we can work preventively in the future. Unfortunately, we still know too little about neurological complaints that are related to being in airplanes.”

“That is the reason why I have joined Stichting Fly Aware. The ultimate goal is to provide more facts and clarity in the future.”

In addition to his activities for Stichting Fly Aware, John also heads a clinic for Lifestyle Medicine: