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In May 2018, the Aerotoxic Association made a worldwide Call to Action to Aerotoxic Syndrome victims, asking them to send in their personal testimonies, including as much evidence as possible (doctor’s statements, test results etc.). The Aerotoxic Association collected and bundled all those data in an archive.

On 18 October 2018, they sent all this evidence to the International Criminal Court in The Hague, the Netherlands, accompanied by an Open Letter. In that Letter they demand an independant Public Inquiry to contaminated Cabin Air. Furthermore, the airline companies should be legally required to build in and use the technical solutions that are available today (e.g. Bleed Air filters and contamination detectors) into the present fleet of passenger aircraft. Also, for the next generation of aircraft the use of Bleed Air for pressurisation and airconditioning of the cabin must be completely forbidden. Today, the B787 Dreamliner is the only type that does not make use of Bleed Air. The air for pressurisation and air conditioning is taken directly from the outside air on this type, and its pressure and temperature is raised as necessary by an electrical compressor.

Until today no reaction from the International Criminal Court was received. As soon as any news comes out on the subject, we’ll report it here.