What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a method of treatment for the brain, in which one can learn to control ones own brain waves. This therapy is based on the principles of Operant Conditioning, a technique in which behaviour is influenced by reward and punishment. During this treatment, the brain waves are influenced by a reward (for example a sound or short film) every time they show the desired pattern.

The body strives for balance

The body operates perfect when it is in balance. Many psychological and physical problems develop when there is a unbalance in different bodysystems. Most of the time, the first symptoms consist of vague problems, for which the regular medical science have no adequate diagnosis. This may lead to a chain reaction of diseases. It is important to not just treat the symptoms, but also find the source of the diseases and cure them.

Nerve gas is a neurotoxin…

and can result in your brains not performing as well as they used to. It looks as if different “pathways” are being used. These different “pathways” can be very disturbing. Disorders as memory-loss, difficulties with figures and calculating can occur. A “quality EEG” will determine which part of your brain has been deranged.

The treatment

According to your Quality EEG, the baseline measurement, a training program for your brain will be written. After a number of training sessions another Quality EEG will be made to evaluate the process.


“The effect of the first sequence of treatments with Neurofeedback, I’ll never forget. After the treatment I went to a shopping centre and there I stopped abrupt. Suddenly I found myself aware again of what was happening around me. For months I had been unable to keep up with my environment. My brain simply couldn’t handle more than 4 images per second….. like a slow motion movie, running a few minutes behind in time. …. and all of a sudden in that shopping centre, the film was running normally again. That was amazing!”