What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a treatment method for the brain in which an individual learns to gain control over their brainwaves. This therapy is based on the principles of operant conditioning, a technique that influences behavior through rewards and punishments. In neurofeedback, the goal is to influence brainwaves by providing a reward to the brain during treatment (e.g., through a sound or video) each time the brainwaves exhibit the desired pattern.

The Body Strives for Balance

The body functions optimally when it is in balance. Many psychological and physical conditions arise from an imbalance in various body systems. Often, the initial symptoms are vague, and traditional medicine fails to provide an adequate diagnosis. This can lead to a chain reaction of health issues. It is essential to not only address the symptoms but also identify and tackle the root causes of these conditions.

Nerve Gas is a Neurotoxin…

And it can disrupt the optimal functioning of your brain. It appears as though different “pathways” are being used, which can be highly disruptive. Symptoms such as forgetfulness, difficulty with numbers and calculations, and focus issues can arise as a result. A “quality EEG” is used to directly map which parts of your brain are dysregulated.

The Treatment

Based on a Quality EEG, which serves as the baseline measurement, a “training program” is created for your brain. After a series of treatments, another Quality EEG is performed to evaluate the progress.


“I will never forget the effect of the first series of Neurofeedback treatments. After the treatment, I went to a shopping center and suddenly stopped in my tracks; I could suddenly see what was happening around me again. For months, my brain could process no more than 4 images per second… like a slow-motion film that was also a few minutes behind reality… and suddenly, in that shopping center, the film was in sync again. It was astounding!”