What is orthomolecular?

Orthomolecular refers to a branch of medicine that aims to work with substances that the body can use and process without harm. “Ortho” means correct, right, or healthy, while “molecular” relates to molecules. Nutrition plays a significant role in orthomolecular medicine. Drs. John Midavaine will provide advice on nutrition during the intake and treatments and complement it with supplements as needed. The beauty of this approach is that it always involves natural substances that the body recognizes and can absorb. Through this process, it provides strong support to “nourish” the body with the substances it needs as building blocks and “molecules” required for detoxification of toxins acquired during flying.

Step by Step

By gradually adding supplements, adjusting dietary habits, and especially drinking plenty of water, a solid foundation is created to support the body in eliminating accumulated toxins. To achieve this, it’s essential for the lungs, kidneys, liver, skin, and colon to function optimally. Nutrition and supplements will help you in this process.


“During the intake, John advised me to start taking some supplements. I had legs that I couldn’t move well; they felt like concrete. As a flight attendant, I experienced several fume events, and after that, my health deteriorated. The supplements actually gave me more energy almost immediately. My bowel movements changed color, and my urine had a very strong smell. John explained that this was due to detoxification.”