What is orthomolecular?

Orthomolecular medicine strives to work with substances our body can use and process without any harm. Orthos means: right or healthy. Molecular stands for molecules. Nutrition plays a prominent role here. During your intake, Drs. John Midavaine will advise you about nutrition and if necessary add supplements.
The good thing about this method is that it always uses natural substances which the body recognises and can absorb. It is a powerful support for the body, feeding it with body-building substances and “molecules” that are needed for detoxify from the toxins you were exposed to during your flight,

Step by step

By adding supplements step by step, changing eating habits and above all by drinking lots of water, a solid base is built to support the body to get rid of the accumulated toxins.
This requires lungs, kidneys, liver, skin and the colon to perform optimally. Food and supplements will assist you here.


“During the intake John advised me to take some supplements. I couldn’t move my legs properly, they felt like concrete. As a cabin attendant I experienced several fume events and some time later my health was deteriorating. The supplements actually gave me more energy, right from the beginning. My faeces got a different color and my urine got a strong smell. John told me this was due to the detoxication.”