We are looking for you

Do you have experience and/or knowledge in the field of the challenges of flying? Please mail us, we will bundle the information and bring it to the attention of everybody who could benefit from it. The further development of treatment protocols is also a top priority for Stichting Fly Aware.

As a Doctor or a Therapist, if you have experience with a specific treatment, please contact us. We believe in cooperation!

“The sum is more than the total of the parts”

Stichting Fly Aware wants to contribute to the development of a decent, reliable test that proves exposure to, and quantifies possible damage by, Organo Phosphates.

Furthermore, we concentrate on sharing information about treatment protocols for people who are suffering from neurological disorders and, as a consequence, cannot function properly any more.

Also, by offering proper information and education to the public, Stichting Fly Aware aims to prevent any medical issues as a result of flying.