Neurologist (retired) in Medisch Spectrum Twente Hospital MST

Dr. G. (Gerard) Hageman has been connected to Medisch Spectrum Twente Hospital (MST) as a neurologist for 32 years. He did a lot of research and published several study results.

Dr. Hagemna was one of the few medical specialists who took the complaints of the victims of the so-called “Schildersziekte” (neurological issues as a result of exposure to e.g. paint solvents) seriously at the time. He has conducted extensive research in this area, published about it and made an important contribution to the eventual recognition of Painter’s Disease as an occupational disease.

Also for patients with the Aerotoxic Syndrome, dr. Hageman was for many years virtually the only medical specialist in the Netherlands to whom they could go with their complaints. Unfortunately, this has come to an end with his retirement in 2016, a good “successor” to continue his work in this field has still not presented itself.

dr. Hageman also has several articles to his name in the field of AS, and he is still active in this after his retirement. He continues to be a leading advocate for the recognition of AS as an occupational disease.

Below is a list of interesting pieces that he has (co-)written over the years: