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Cambridge Mask
“Sky Mask Pro”

Because of the relatively high cost of banking and postage form the UK to Europe, Stichting Fly Aware in cooperation with our partner Angel Fleet some time ago decided to take a (limited) number of masks in stock, in the special “Sky Mask” version (Pro series, blue with white clouds, see image). This enabled us to offer these for a special price of €32,95.

Cambridge Mask
“Admiral Pro”

Due to delivery problems with the “Sky Mask Pro”, we were forced to divert to some other models, obviously sticking to the same top quality level of the Cambridge Pro Series masks. As a result, we now carry three different models: “Sky Mask Pro”, “Admiral Pro” and “Nightingale Pro”.

Cambridge Mask
“Nightingale Pro”

Our direct contacts with the manufacturer, plus a sharp purchasing policy, enabled us to still offer all these masks at the same price. Mind you: we do not always have all sizes in all models on stock, the ordering form on this page will show the available sizes/models.

Choose the correct size

The masks come in 4 sizes, depending on your body weight:

Small:          11-32 kg
Medium:       33-64 kg
Large:          65-89 kg
Extra Large:    90+ kg

The price is € 32,95 plus shipping costs. If you order 2 masks at a time, they will fit together in a standard box, and you’ll pay the shipping costs only once. Place your order via the order form on this page.

Need larger numbers? Contact us via info@flyaware.nl.


..or order direct from the manufacturer

Cambridge Mask
“the Lady MacBeth Pro”

If you’re willing to pay a bit extra (also for banking and postage), these masks are available in several different designs, see the example in the picture. Order directly from the manufacturer via www.cambridgemask.com.

Be advised though that, as a consequence of Brexit, you will not only be charged by Cambridgemask co. for the mask, but also be charged separately by the delivery service (normally DHL) for VAT and import levies.

Order Form Sky Mask

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After receiving your payment we will send your mask(s) to the indicated address as soon as possible.