Aerotoxic Syndrome not recognised

Unfortunately, regular medicine still doesn’t recognise existence of the Aerotoxic Syndrome, despite the often serious physical issues that come with it. This unfortunately causes many patients to be misdiagnosed with e.g. Burnout, MS or Parkinson’s disease. The then prescribed medicines however, are totally counter productive, since this is all about a poisoning problem. The prescribed medicines for those diseases (which the patient does not have at all), will create an extra burden for the immune system that will have to break down those substances as well.

Food supplements

As opposed to such medication, the body needs extra support for an optimal detoxification. Therefore it makes a lot more sense to administer supplements, such as minerals, vitamins and other building materials that the body needs so badly. And that is exactly what orthomolecular medicine is all about.

And yet, in case of reporting ill, for many people it is only logic (and often a requirement) to first visit the family- or company doctor. In such a case we strongly advise to take a copy of the FAA Quick Reference for Health Care Providers with you. This will enable you to alert the doctor to the possible cause of your symptoms and the necessary tests to confirm it. It might save you a misdiagnosis.


Stichting Fly Aware offers the possibility of an intake consult with John Midavaine, who specialises in orthomolecular medicine. An inventory of your medical issues will be made, John will advise you about food supplements and a customised treatment plan will be made. If necessary, John will also refer you for supplementary therapies, such as Neurofeedback.

Make an appointment

Should you like to make an appointment with  John Midavaine, or would you like some more information first, please fill in this contact form. You will be contacted as soon as possible (within 3 days). You can also make your appointment directly on the website of John’s clinic for Lifestyle Medicine:


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